12 easy hairstyles with braids

Learn how to hairstyles with braids in an easy way and in a few steps, so that the task of accommodating your hair to your face shape or style you prefer not be a very difficult task.


Who does not like to wear hair hairstyles novel? There are many types of braids that can be used for this purpose and decorate hair in various ways. Either using them or admiring them, the strands are among the elements used for hairstyles for women since ancient times. They are versatile because you can make many kinds of hair braiding and continue seeing a truly spectacular scenery.

From a French braid, braid to a spike, through plaited rope and in turn, twisted braids, whatever the case, all can use them to elegant events, for casual rides to make your hair something practical while you're in your daily lives, at work, Anyway ... for any event, hairstyles with braids always be an element of essential beauty hair, which will make you look fresh and young.

2015 trends in hairstyles with braids are varied and vast. Practically, the actual braids tells us that never go out of fashion and even more, every time, you can see how this art can play with beauty hair, a thousand and one ways.

Not only are they a big trend along with haircuts today because today you'll see them everywhere and in many ways. We can see them in a very bohemian wave braided styles, which, though essentially that is what evokes a twisted, also more sophisticated see more casual styles and others.
Fashion is now really be self-sufficient even in the time to get beautiful, so we leave you with 12 current trends Hairstyles with braids.

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12 easy hairstyles with braids

braids trend

This hairstyle uses a smooth and simple French braid a single tissue that begins on one side and the other ends, matching with a tousled ponytail. Do not forget the aggregate with pancake on top of the head paradarle volume and shape this hairstyle is very bohemian and casual, for all kinds of events.


This is also unique and simple braid, is a French braid It presented from the top and down to form a shell. At the finish, you can open a little its links to give volume and pomposity.

braids decorated

This is a hairstyle that can be used in casual or elegant outputs, it is the formation of two braids herringbone sides topping on a collected at the bottom. You can decorate with flowers or a comb with stones.

braids heart

Excellent and creative hairstyle made of two simple woven braids and that fit into a heart shape. A novel and-Romantic idea.

French braid twisted

This is a braided fabric French style so that then can be screwed into a hair collected in the form of a twisted chive. Gorgeous hairstyle is not difficult to do and it looks fantastic.

varied braids

These are several ways in which a French braid may be woven in different ways. If you already have practice in less than 3 minutes you can already have a sophisticated hairstyle for your event.

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braids tutorial

French braid woven in the form of shaped blades. Sees in each section will be different taking a portion to be forming hair breakage. Excellent hairstyle that you can decorate with flowers.

crown braids

French braid hairstyle started from the bottom to culminate in the front and crossing the finishing giving appearance of a beautiful and large diadem or crown. You can decorate with flowers or decorative motifs hairstyles.

braided braid

This is a simple hairstyle that consists in five French simple braids that curl to give rise to a braided ponytail with them. You can decorate with ribbon or flowers.

French braid

classic French braid, and also woven in different ways on a loose hair to give the hair looks different.

bohemian braid

Simple coiled plaits at the back to form a decoration that can adorn with new fasteners.

elaborate braid

This is a French braid hairstyle very well developed in different sections as well as the picture shows. Excellent for brides.

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