12 short hairstyles for men with long hair and 2017

In the hairstyles for men for this 2017 highlights bobs in different varieties, where we highlight the classic hairstyles, hipster styles and the boldest. Undoubtedly are two characteristics that stand out this year in style accompanying hairstyles: dyes in hair, and beard in its many forms and long.

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Hairstyles for men 12 well regarded

He short hair It refers to any haircut with limited length. It can change its style being above the ears below the chin. If the hair of a man reaches his chin, it can not be considered short. The best benefit you can get a short haircut is the ease of realizarte different hairstyles every day.

However also we will cover the different hairstyles that you can realize yourself if you have long hair, where the hair loose classic style is always present.

With the arrival of the new hairstyles to men's fashion hipster, the use of the gel, the razor to cut his beard and mustache highlight, make drawings and lines on the sides of the head, it has become an indisputable part of any male beauty salon. All these instruments are part of the design of hairstyles for men will be in effect throughout 2017.

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Here we show you the Men's hairstyles that are trend and those who are most popular and best female approval.

1. Simple Court but that looks very sexy

A classic hairstyle for men who do not cease to be fashionable

2. Short hair with a beard

A young man with a modern hairstyle

3. parted on the side

A new youthful look, the hipster style reaches barbershops

A haircut with well marked line alongside

4. crewcut on the sides

Hairstyles for men 7

5. A different style cropped hair

Man with cropped hair and beard

6. bangs also looks good

young man sporting a hairstyle with bangs always looks good

7. Give your long hair

A hairstyle for men who can look more daring and wild without losing the style

Long hair looks great with or without a beard in man, tied or wind, it will always be a trend

8. Combing long hair back and fastened

Man with long hair on top combed back and fastened

9. Peinado with personality, between long and short

Man sports a hairstyle that is trending with long hair shorn side

Wisps on the short side face and beard, estilode hairstyles for men this 2017

10. Long hair and well short sides

Young man with a hairstyle that has long hair and shorter side

11. Peinado stylish copete

Man with a pompadour hairstyle with hair curled at the top of the head

12. The classic pompadour is trend again

Man with brown hair combed back

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