7 effective postures to pull gases

Flatulence comes from the word "flatus" gas mixture that develops in your digestive system. This excess gas - when is not released as gas - can cause discomfort and pain due to swelling. And, of course, excessive farts can cause embarrassment in social situations. Even if you regularly use and enjoy the latest technology such as filtering farting in underwear, there is still the problem of noise. But there are ways certain positions that are functional to pull gases. For example, yoga can help you with that in a very effective manner.

postures to pull gases

Can yoga help cope with excess farts? Yes and no. A healthy body, of course, have a healthy digestive system that could reduce flatulence to some extent, the worse we all pull gases. However, yoga to relieve gas, is something worth trying.

Note that, yoga is not a mystical, spiritual or paranormal activity which releases blocked energy, it is simply a set of routine exercises with an emphasis on stretching. Yoga is also an activity that can strengthen important muscles involved in digestion, and can help relieve swelling associated with flatulence and reducing gases, or at least help to pull gases under more controlled situations. In fact, it works so well that many people fear them free yoga classes.

7 effective postures to pull gases

You may find it beneficial to do some effective yoga poses for relieving gas before going to work or your meeting or appointment of the night, allowing you to release excess gas in private rather than in group situations.

Pavanmuktasana stance or posture Wind release

yoga posture Pavanmuktasana to pull gases

Pavanmuktasana means freedom from air and, as its name implies, can be helpful with problems related to stomach gas.

Lie back and bring the right knee to your chest. Interlace the fingers of both hands at the top of the knee to keep it in your chest. Now lift your head and try to touch the knee with your nose. Hold their breath and stay in this position for 10 to 20 seconds, then relax and straighten the leg.

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Yoga posture to pull gases Pavanmuktasana

Repeat this with the left knee.

Repeat this with both knees kept in the chest and try to place the nose between your knees.

Repeat the above steps three or four times. Do you feel the gases yet?

Halasana stance or posture of the plow to pull gases

yoga posture plow to pull gases

The Halasana or plow posture, helps the spine more flexible. Halasana also improves the strength of the muscles and nerves of the spine, is an effective exercise waist, massage the digestive system to relieve flatulence problems helping to pull gases.

Lie on your back with your legs and feet together, arms at the sides, hands next to thighs.

Keep legs straight, inhale slowly, and raising legs 30 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees with a pause at every stage.

As you exhale pushes the legs further above your head and then continues until they touch the floor without bending your knees.

Stretch your legs as much as possible to strongly press your chin to your chest.

Then raise your hands and try to keep your toes, and keep that position anywhere from a few seconds to three minutes - depending on your ability and comfort level - breathing normally.

End slowly going through the steps described above but in reverse order.

Dhanurasana or bow pose

yoga Bow Pose Dhanurasana to pull gases

Dhanurasana is a yoga position strengthens the abdominal organs, and It provides relief for constipation and excessive flatulence.

Lie face down with arms extended beside your body and your legs straight.

Bend your legs at the knees, bringing them forward so you can firmly grab your ankles with your hands.

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As you inhale, stretch your legs back and raises her thighs, chest and head above the floor at the same time. Your arms should be straight, and the weight of your body should be at the navel. Your knees should be close, and the position must be maintained for a few seconds while breathing is maintained.

Breathing and releases gases that may be waiting to get out of your body.

Yoga posture happy baby to pull gases

Happy baby yoga posture to pull gases

Lie on your back and, as you exhale, bend your knees towards the belly.

As you inhale, grab the outside of your feet with your hands. A belt on each foot can help if you have difficulty reaching your feet with your hands. Expand your knees slightly wider than the torso, and move them into your armpits.

Place each ankle directly on their respective knee so that your shins are perpendicular to the ground. Gently push your feet with your hands - or belts - as you roll your hands down to create resistance.

Move your thighs toward your body and the ground while the spine is stretched.

Hold for half a minute to a minute, then bring your feet back to the floor as you exhale.

Now, as mentioned above, some people are afraid to attend yoga classes or exercise because they are afraid to go through the discomfort of holding gases during class. First, farts are natural and it happens to everyone. Second, if you can stand the fact that you still going to make some noise, you can at least eliminate the odor during yoga underwear with filter farts.

This type of underwear is comfortable and discreet and impossible to detect, and activated carbon - or carbon filter layer - not limited to mask the smell, completely eliminated.

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