How to get a flat stomach in two weeks

flat stomach

If you want to know how to get a flat stomach, the first hurdle to overcome is to accept that reduce fat or leaving six pack it requires serious work and constant dedication, there is no magic solution, but if chances of leaving with less fat belly. And do not worry, It is not as unattainable as you think to get a flat stomach in two weeks, but you need to make an effort.

We need to get a flat stomach

You'll need more than exercise alone. Employing a healthy diet and lifestyle also help keep the flat and free belly fat.

You do not know where to start? We can tell you what steps to take. If you are with all your focus on keeping your stomach in shape and get a flat stomach to be proud of yourself for your dedication, you can follow these tips workout routine to transform fat on abs in a sexy belly.

Exercises to get the perfect flat stomach

Get a flat stomach means dismantling your belly fat all you have to spare, but the only way to do this in a healthy and effective way is to get moving (with crunches and plank) and have perseverance, coupled with a good diet to reduce fat and healthy habits right. It seems simple to say, but it can be even easier to do if we know how to concentrate the work to achieve a flat stomach.

Duration of abdominal exercises for flat stomach

It is a short workout of 20 to 30 minutes of intense workout focusing on large muscle groups of the lower abdomen, which means you'll be maximizing calorie burning in that area. An exercise after another without any space more that 20 seconds of rest, once carried out the complete routine take a break of two minutes and make two more rounds.

But this is a general routine for each individual and physical condition may vary, so it is of first importance that a qualified trainer can give personalized advice for your needs and physical condition.

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Tips for abs for a flat stomach

Proper diet not accumulate fat in the belly

The diet is essential for know how to choose the right foods they can avoid bloat (Flatulence) and burn fat more easily. This should be added to the routine abdominal exercises to get a flat stomach that is enduring.

What foods to eat

  • Animal protein (lean meat, poultry and fish, preferably grilled or steamed egg, all that is free pasture and organic). There are also a variety of vegetable protein can include in your diet if you prefer to avoid meat. Small amounts of whole grains, vegetables, root vegetables (carrots, radishes, etc.), cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage and stem as leeks, black chocolate, water, and dried herbs tea.

What foods to avoid

  • fried foods, dairy products with lactose (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese), white bread, especially fresh soft drinks or juices gas, mealy fruits, dried vegetables, chewing gum, sweets, cakes, refined pulp white rice, semolina, refined white sugar.

Eating at regular times and correctly

Sit where you can be quiet and take your time to chew each bite 10 to 15 times to make it easier to digest. Cooking with little or no oil, vegetable oil (except coconut oil) trans type becomes fats when heated to high temperatures and it is proven that these oils retains fat and inflamed not only the intestine, but most of our tissues. In some cases it is better to cook the food steamed or raw food thoroughly disinfected, use little salt and if it is better sea salt, do not use the takeaway and discard the food to pass as the sandwich, desserts, soft drinks and fatty snacks because every time you eat, your body has to work harder to digest.

Additional tips for a lasting flat stomach

Here are some additional tips to have a flat stomach and to keep them. Pay attention to the following advice because a bulging belly, often because there is not fat accumulated in the belly, but only pure inflammation of intestines. Problem can be approached in much the same way if you also want to reduce size. But if your weight is normal, maybe you should consider yourself a gastrointestinal check-up because it might have problems in that area that make you continuously inflamed. Although stress tends to accumulate belly fat, inflammation is usually the main problem you are addressing and may get a flat stomach in the wrong way.

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The importance of relaxation: Last but not least, remember to relax. The stomach is the central receptor of our mental state and They tend to inflame tensions belly and spoil the work you've done to get it to look up. In fact, a kind of bulging belly within different every woman can have, is the result of being in a state of chronic stress, being producing large amounts of cortisol.

Blocked energy on many different levels caused by malaise, emotional shock, depression and stress can cause pain, swelling and problems that slow digestion. You can take a probiotic supplement, which is full of good bacteria to keep your gut healthy and help keep your belly bulges.

Breath deeply: Practice abdominal breathing while you are standing or lying on your back. Put one hand on your stomach and inhale first opening the rib cage, abdomen and then hold your breath for a moment and then exhale in the same order.

Massage: To untie knots, relieve pain and help bowel movements, gently massage the stomach in a clockwise direction, paying particular attention to sensitive points will help digestive processes both as Belly stimulation help you maintain good intestinal transit and your gut evicted for the purpose of having a flat stomach in just two weeks.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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