How to make a wicker woven basket style

Wicker woven basket

Basket woven from recycled newspapers, in the style of classic designs wicker baskets that will be as if you had bought. This article is an instructional step by step to make your newspaper woven basket.

Wicker basket, rectangular, coiled tubes made with newspapers, glue, and cardboard, very simple to implement and materials to reach.

How can you see in the picture below, these are the necessary materials for the basket woven paper, recycled design, economical and highly handmade material with a professional finish.

How to make a woven basket step by step

The steps to get the final design are profiled in a series of images that do not need to add words as they are portrayed each of the steps. Just mention that this is a basic instructional design, which you can get different results varied and really beautiful. Following these patterns can even your own designs and in many cases this is as a job opportunity.


Instructive step by step:

Various designs woven with the same basic structure:

The following models of baskets woven osier style are based on the same principle as this, they worked with newspapers but each with a very particular design.

wicker basket weave

Woven wicker baskets without lids open, with a simpler design but large interior space to store wool, towels, or whatever you prefer.

wicker basket homemade

Woven wicker baskets to accommodate the kitchen, ideal for decorating a small space in the kitchen and help you organize household products.

woven basket wicker

Another alternative to these woven baskets for small items that may be included in closets, under beds or also form part of the decoration on the kitchen counter.

artisan baskets woven newspapers

Wicker baskets woven with a style more cooking, to keep foods like fruits, or food for use in cooking.

woven wicker baskets

This is the design of our basket woven from recycled newspapers to better Wicker. You can give the feel and design you prefer.

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