Beard types according to the shape of your face

Talking about types of beard is talking about styles in a world where looking good is not just a thing of women. Day after day growing trend grow a beard among men, in order to look more manly, improve their physique to be more attractive or just for fashion or to increase their self respect, however, it is important to recognize that not all beard types serve to every face and therefore must recognize what is best for you is to maximize your look.

Before and after a man with Borba

The faces are not the same way one man and another, which is why objects like sun lenses do not fit in all men depending on their shape, also happens to the beards, identify what is the best style as the shape of the face, therefore, in this post we bring you the types of beard which can be used depending on how you have the face, so you will feel safer to join this trend without looking like a fool while trying to copy a style that matches your face anything.

Choosing the ideal type of beard

Undoubtedly one of the most popular types of beard at this time, is wear beard hipster style, with a retro touch, featuring a wild beard and hair styles for men who look well groomed and rather with short hair.

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For elongated faces

Young man with full beard and short hair

This face is the most delicate when it grow a beard should prevent it make the face look more elongated, therefore, the kind of beard recommended for these men is the short beard with thick sideburns make long face seem less than usual and more symmetrical to the human eye. The idea is to sign a kind of crescent on his face to avoid this look more elongated than normal.

square faces

Young sporting a trimmed beard and lumberjack shirt

This case is totally contrary to the previous case, here the idea is not to prevent the face look longer but slightly soften the outline of it. It is said that the best type of beard in these cases a good length in the chin area and then leave lower chin. Exists the case where the face is circular and not square, then the tip to apply is use short beard down cheeks and sharpen the beard chin level.

Other aspects to take into account the types of beard

adult man combing his beard with gray hair looks

The face is not only made up of the shape or contour thereof, but influencing factors such as how as pronounced cheeks or not the person who is going to let his beard grow, the hair comes on the forehead, this cut motifs pins, which tend to be wide or not according to the way the hair is born on the forehead of the person and Finally the neck, because it gives the finish to look influencing positively or negatively the court decided to carry.

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Different beard styles

Graph with different beard styles for men

short and neatly trimmed beard

Young man using short and neatly trimmed beard


Man with Stubble half-grown

By growing a big mustache

Woman with a retro look that has grown a mustache and is smoking a pipe

full beard or lumberjack

A man with a full beard very long

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