Making handmade bracelets

handmade bracelets

Making bracelets is one of the crafts that can most people, even the art of working with your hands creating, is very beneficial for the brain.

In the case of making handmade bracelets need to have a little imagination and then you can make your own combinations of both tejiudos, colors, shapes and lengths.

Make handmade bracelets step by step

Can find many examples of bracelets each has a secret of tissue but are nothing complicated, just need to have a comfortable work space and provided each tissue must be held firmly to prevent the bracelet becomes with unwanted or stay longer some stretches effects.

Craft bracelets can be an alternative to give to your loved ones, friends and be very well since it is something that you made yourself and that gives an extra value to the gift. And for this then you will learn some tips and advice that will help to facilitate the process of creating an easy bracelet making.

Uses bracelets as accessories

The bracelets can be a good accessory to complement the attire and dress also can be those that give a special touch to your wrists and Puncture highlight your nails. Bracelets or bracelets themselves, can be made of many materials and accessories, some will require more work than others, and even may not have all the materials available and have to arm yourself with a little of materials needed for more complex bracelets.

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Common materials macrame

handmade bracelets of various models

So you can have a reference yarn types most commonly used in the manufacture of handmade bracelets are about 7 more yarn types used:

  • waxed thread (it is easier to link the nodes)
  • Mercerized thread (thread is a more aesthetic)
  • Rat tail thread (which we will use the example and have brighter colors)
  • Hemp yarn (gives a more rustic touch to the design)
  • thin wool (can be more expensive than the other options and sold in large skeins in some places)
  • Nylon yarn (has a variety of thicknesses but are knots are weak point because they tend to loosen easily)
  • Embroidery thread (not much variety of colors but the knots are very aesthetic)

Depending on the design of your choice, but make a bracelet only thread is not complicated, and as more go making bracelets you can go adding experience and learn the art of macramé to ever make more complex knots and fabrics, how to get to write your name on bracelets .. You can not go wrong and understand everything much faster, and you'll see.

Making bracelets

Materials need to make artisanal bracelet:

  • Rat tail thread (3 meters) is a very intense and bright thicker thread with colors
  • Lighter or lighter
  • Scissors
  • Clip folding shovel
  • Button to close

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It would not be very practical to teach you how to perform this type of bracelet only composing it, so we invite you to watch this video that will be more illustrative so you can view in detail the materials used and the different types of knots that are needed to make bracelets this macramé point type.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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