10 natural analgesics without side effects

10 natural analgesics without side effects

Many times when we feel pain in any part of our body, we often resort to painkillers why this time we want to show you 10 Natural painkillers without side effects that can be at your fingertips and can be used at any time without having to think about the side effects.

Pharmacies we can find many types of pain relievers that can be effective for any ailment, though Some people prefer natural medicine having no side effects of any kind to the body. For this reason in this article we will see what are the best natural painkillers that not only alleviate our pain, but are without side effects.

The best natural painkillers

Olive Oil one of the natural painkillers

Natural painkillers that will show below will offer the most effective and natural way to treat ailments without thinking about the side effects that can cause conventional medicines. However, these are not supposed to supplant the recommendation of a specialist and are provided as information to consider.

The olive oil

Olive oil is a raw material that nature puts at our disposal that can be used as one of many natural painkillers. Although any olive oil can help relieve pain, it is advisable to be extra virgin and cold pressed, because it can bring many more benefits to our health.


Ginger is a plant that has always been used as a treatment to alleviate pain resulting from various more or less serious diseases. The key is to eat roots and can do so directly or infusion.

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natural analgesics without side effects

To describe the benefits of garlic we could do with the help of popular proverb: Whoever eats garlic and drink wine, nor can you the Viper. Garlic is also one of the best known natural painkillers, a powerful antibiotic that can help prevent and cure many diseases, besides being without side effects. Because everything that garlic can bring to our body are beneficial.


Pineapple could not miss this list of natural painkillers because, besides being a fruit that can bring many benefits to our health and be very rich, has an enzyme whose main function reduce ailments who takes it. It is particularly suitable for those who exercise for the first time after spending some time doing physical exercise, and thanks to the natural sugar that leads, it is very useful to alleviate the uncomfortable stiffness.


Chamomile teas can be very beneficial for our body without side effects and a way to really simple preparation. The relief will take almost immediate thanks to its properties as one of the most beneficial natural painkillers and delicious. A good way to be effective is to take three chamomile tea all day.

The cherries

Cherries are a fruit that, besides being delicious, they have a really amazing analgesic power. Thanks to a recent study has found that the analgesic power of cherries is much more effective than conventional drugs sold by pharmacies. This is because, largely anthocyanins, a chemical with many analgesic and antioxidant properties.

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Valerian root

This part of the plant is one of the most effective natural pain killers and is particularly recommended for people suffering from muscle cramps. Valerian is a very effective anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic and together with linden offer benefits to treat headaches and headaches, also help relieve pain in bones and maintain emotional balance.

Fish oil

Fish oil is a natural pain killer without any side effects that are responsible for blocking those substances in our body responsible for causing pain. Moreover, it is rich in Omega 3, which is very beneficial for the body.


Grapes are a very important part of natural painkillers, as their antiinflammatory properties are aimed to stimulate blood circulation in those areas of the body in which we feel pain and also no side effects whatsoever.

The Cranberries

Blueberries have many properties that, in addition to pain relief, are antioxidants and actively cooperate in removing harmful toxins to the body. They also facilitate the intestinal transit.
These are the most potent natural painkillers that nature offers us, And for those who prefer natural, they are the best choice.

Writing: Life Team Lúcida

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